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Improving the quality online education across the world

LearnCube is award-winning virtual classroom software for tutoring & language education. Our mission is to transform live online education. Our north star is to deliver 1 billion minutes of quality online education by 2023 and are well on our way to achieving it. 

We help education entrepreneurs succeed online, from the individual tutor to some of the world’s largest tutoring companies, including iconic education companies like Babbel and Preply. 

We offer a supportive, safe and fun work environment. For that reason, we have a strict no d***head policy.  Everyone on the team is a self-starter, contributes, has a valued opinion and is committed to our mission of transforming online education. #nomicromanaging.

As a company, we're transparent with monthly updates on all aspects of the business and as a team, we communicate seamlessly with a mix of meetings with team members, 1:1's, Slack channels and weekly socials to keep it fun and give everyone enough face-time.