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Our mission it to empower land teams with modern software to manage and trade land assets.

About Landdox:

Landdox is a growth-stage SaaS company that’s re-imagining the way energy & infrastructure companies manage their core assets. Our flagship product is a Cloud-based app that’s easily customizable, intuitively designed, and delights customers as much as it expands their operational range. Landdox is scrappy and keenly focused on delivering such compelling software and services that customers switch to our platform and gladly grow with us.

The Landdox Dev team:

We are still quite small and each employee’s effort makes a huge difference to our output and business growth.  You will be working on projects that directly drive sales and improve our customer outcomes.

As a small team, we get to make technical and architectural decisions to meet our business requirements.  Your opinion will help us make the correct trade offs and shape the final design.  We work hard to solve complex problems and build consensus around decision making.

How we work:

We have stand-ups every morning and retros every Friday. Generally once a quarter, we convene in person for an all-hands 3-day planning session. We have families, children, and loved ones. We minimize the time away from them, and our work schedules are flexible so we can be there for them. 

Why join Landdox:

We are a 100% remote company and have been since our founding 5 years ago. We offer competitive pay, PTO, and health insurance. At Landdox, we are too small for someone to get lost and not have a voice. We demonstrate how a team can be greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone works and celebrates business wins together. We have great leadership, a solid business, and a bright future - but the best endorsement to our work environment is that when someone works for us, they stay. 

If you want to join our team, we would love to have you. Send us a resume, and help us finish what we started.

Current tech stack:
  • React / Redux front-end and Elixir back-end
  • Third party services include OCR with Textract, ElasticSearch, MapBox, PostGIS