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Our mission is to empower modern land teams with the most relevant and cutting-edge land management solutions in the industry. We do this by reimagining and redefining a set of technologies that were built in and for a different era.

About Landdox:

Landdox is a growth-stage SaaS company that’s reimagining the way energy & infrastructure companies manage their leasehold acreage, mineral rights, and the easements that underpin their key assets. Our flagship product is a Cloud-based app that’s easily customizable, intuitively designed, and delights customers as much as it expands their operational range.
Today almost 50 companies license our software. We are scrappy and have bootstrapped our way to this point with a keen focus on building software that’s so differentiated that customers are willing to switch to our platform and gladly stick with us. 

Increasingly, the largest customers in our industry are taking an interest in our app, and we’re ready to break into the enterprise-class segment of our market.

How we work:

We have stand-ups every morning and retros every Friday. Generally once a quarter, we convene in person for an all-hands 3-day planning session. We have families, children, and loved ones. We minimize the time away from them, and our work schedules are flexible so we can be there for them. Our work is important to us, but it isn’t the only thing important to us.