Know How Do

Dublin, Ireland

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Know How Do is the Irish company behind some of the fastest-growing e-learning brands: International Open Academy, Trendimi, EventTrix, and Holly and Hugo.

KnowHowDo is a leader in the fast-growing online lifestyle learning sector. 

We have mastered the creation of high-quality learning content, focused on 'WANT-to-learn' not 'HAVE-to-learn' subjects to suit every lifestyle. Delivered through impactful brands, via incisive, diversified channels to market, we have sold close to a million courses and we are only getting started.  

Centred around innovative content creation, distributed through a distinctive family of brands, KnowHowDo has grown its database to over 800,000 paying customers since its inception in 2013. Capitalising on an insatiable consumer appetite to learn life-skills and new pastimes in engaged online communities, we continue to grow our reach and inspire new learner.