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Kin Workplace Software

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Our mission at Kin is to improve the employee experience at organizations of all sizes by helping employees make informed decisions about their future–from health and money, to careers and feedback.

Engagement and fulfillment at work shouldn’t be a nice to have, and we know that by helping organizations become more desirable places to work that we’ll not only be improving retention and profitability, but we’re helping employees around the world get more out of life than just work, work, work.

Kin is not just a technology company, it's a movement to transform the way employers and employees relate to work - giving the relationship between the two more meaning and value in our everyday lives.

As a workplace, we are open and supportive. We understand that our employees are what make our workplace tick and we welcome their thoughts and ideas. We're grateful for the team of talented people that comprise Kin.