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Keeper Tax

San Francisco, CA

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Discover the tax write-offs you've been missing

💸 Keeper Tax 

With the rise of gig work platforms and side hustle culture, over half of Gen Z workers are now getting paid with 1099 contracts. They might not think of themselves as business owners, but they are expected to file business taxes. This can feel incredibly daunting and frustrating, and Bookkeepers at Keeper Tax help them navigate these complexities.
We're building how this new generation of workers does taxes.

Traditional tax tools are not prepared for this new generation of independent workers. Traditional business tax concepts like using a separate bank account, quarterly tax payments, and mileage tracking are not what these people signed up for. At Keeper Tax, we're re-designing taxes from the ground up without assuming that the user should have to do any of those things.

Today, most gig workers in the US don’t have access to clear tax guidance. Unable to afford an accountant, these 40-50M Americans struggle to find clear answers to simple questions such as: “Is my phone bill tax deductible?”, “Can I write-off my rent?”, and “How do I go about filing quarterly taxes?”

This gap in knowledge is costing them hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

Tax-related content on the internet today is awful - full of jargon and overly conservative.  Here’s an example.  In contrast, it'll be your mission to demystify and detangle the tax mess that the IRS created.  Keeper Tax provides clear tax guidance that’s easy to read, jargon-free, helps save money, and is relatable to Gen Z.