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Journey is a storytelling tool designed for the internet age

Journey is a well funded Y-Combinator startup that wants to help people tell better stories across the internet. We have seen thousands of Journeys across B2B, Fundraising, Recruiting and Community Management.

We founded the company in January 2021 and are a team of 8. We prioritise thoughtful work and schedules that prioritise deep focus.

Some of our values are:
  • We're okay moving 20% slower to have a 10% better product.
  • The best products are built by companies that use and rely on their own products. Whenever possible, use our product.And then identify areas that suck, and propose fixes!
  • Whenever possible don't rely on a meeting: Loom, Google Docs, Slack, Notion Pages, Linear etc etc. 
We'd love to introduce you to all of them!

Peter Clark