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Janalta Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta

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We’re Janalta Interactive. We use the latest technology to create web properties and products in niche industry verticals that are designed to elevate enthusiasts and experts.

We publish in a variety of niche verticals and work with our advertising partners to help them reach their ideal market. At Janalta, we rely on the power of data (and a little creativity) to help grow and engage an online audience. With a combined 45 years of tech/media experience and several successful exits (Investopedia, Cramsession and Excelnet) spread across all of the co-founders, we decided to bring our expertise together under one company. In keeping with the “family” theme, we revived a family business name that was incorporated by Grandpa Janssen (Janssen + Alberta = Janalta). Although we work with people all over the globe, Alberta is our home and our roots.