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Jalan Technology Consulting


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We work with entrepreneurs and business leaders to execute their vision by building software products. We are a team of entrepreneurs, hustlers, and street smarts. Jai started this company in 2016 to help businesses solve business problems by leveraging the best of technology. 
Before JTC, Jai - CEO spent a decade building and leading engineering teams at Microsoft, Google, and few venture-funded startups.

How Engineering Operates?
1. Small engineering teams (2-3 devs). 100% autonomy in the work from development to deployment.
2. Super solid product and eng teams (driven by passion, purpose and ran successful enterprises in the past).
3. Work with a business team, understand the use cases and build things. PM's help to fill the gaps.
4. 2 weeks sprint. Planning on Monday's/Tuesday's, continuous PR reviews and demo and release at sprint end.

Our CEO Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jjalan/
Our operating manual: https://gitlab.com/jalantechnologies/handbook