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Asynchronous distributed and calm. Self-funded and profitable.

We are a distributed, office-less, asynchronous company headquartered in London/UK. We are established (8 years), self-funded, profitable, without outside investment, and we want to keep it that way. We prefer calm and focus at work with organic growth instead of obsessing over hyper-growth and numbers. We have customers all around the world, from large enterprises to small businesses.

We are well-positioned on the market, currently making our revenue solely from inbound sales and word of mouth. We are in the Digital Adoption Platforms market, and despite being a small team, we can compete with the market leaders with 500+ employees. We are global; some of our customers are from Fortune 500 list and are worldwide. For example, IBM, Domino's, Xerox, Snap, Toyota, United Nations, and many others.

Our product is a Digital Adoption Platform to create interactive walkthroughs, tooltips and support articles right in customer’s app.

We keep our customers ahead of the competition by reducing the time it takes for their users to reach success.

We empower customer-facing teams to improve in-app communication without getting in the way of product development.