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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Hubba is a marketplace for independent retailers to buy directly from the best craft food and beverage brands.

 We're transforming the retail industry and every person on our team plays a material part in their success. At Hubba, everyone is supported by amazing coworkers who are light on ego, high on curiosity, and are passionate about changing retail for the better. As a small company, we value input across the business and look for flexibility and eagerness to learn and grow. We're looking to hire team members who are self-motivated, eager to explore solutions to tricky problems, and care about those around them.

Retail is at a turning point.  The wholesale industry is a trillion-dollar market divided between 1.2MM retailers.  In the past, the market had been dominated by big-box stores, largely selling the same products from the same national brands – but the consumer has changed. 

Today, consumers are purchasing smaller, independent brands that are healthier, more environmentally friendly, more ethical.  Consumers have moved their spending to independent retailers (both online and offline) who they share values with, and who provide the best curated selections of craft brands.

This is where Hubba comes in.  We’re a marketplace that allows independent retailers to purchase products directly from the planet’s hottest craft brands to carry on their store shelves.  We use a combination of data analysis and personal curation to match these retailers with their next best seller.