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South Dakota

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We strive to make education, wealth and freedom accessible to all, without complicated tech, expensive tools or sacrificing time.

Hiro is a software that helps coaches grow by turning their premium content into private podcasts that deliver more value to your members in less time. It takes 2 minutes to set up, and the results last a lifetime.

The goal of Hiro is to help people share their expertise without the time and costs of creating videos and membership sites. We are also hyper-focused on piracy-proofing their materials that our customers worked so hard to create.

Our customers are change makers who have knowledge and experience that will help other people get ahead in their life. And our vision is to support them anyway possible so their profits go up and their message gets louder.

Our mission is to make audio learning the new gold standard for education and help small coaches, experts, and info-businesses access this powerful tool easily, affordably, and efficiently.

We have a some super exciting and interesting features and products planned, but there is a lot about Hiro that is still being decided. You will have a chance to influence and help shape it.

Hiro was founded by a stay-at-home mom during the 2020 pandemic. Carla first started creating audio products for her own coaching programs and it transformed her business. When COVID hit, she had to close her coaching and created Hiro. We are now past our beta phase, having funding and some big plans for 2022 and beyond!