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Paris, France

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Développez vos projets avec Faveod

Our core values:

  • Transparency
  • Humanness
  • Involvement
  • Improvement

We are a company of experts in Faveod, which is a macro-programming engine on top of Ruby of Rails. Our typical clients are big french and worldwide companies.

The service we offer is fast-paced projects from top to bottom, all the way from idea to production.

For example: a client has a long line of (failed) projects to handle specialized maps, they want an innovative technology with a team of experts to finally bring it to life with reasonable budgets and good timing on deliver-ability.

What we do: 

  • define the request with the client and everyone involved (macro-planning, features required for the MVP). We also offer design with our in-house artistic director
  • hand it over to the project manager who further breaks it down into sprints
    • development team starts working on it
    • devops sets up the infrastructure
  • long-term support

We don't have offices, each of our 21+ employees are working remotely from France and Amsterdam, in teams constituted of a project manager, a lead developer, 1 to 3 developers, a frontend developer, devops and an artist. Teams change per-project.

You will meet your coworkers overs dinners, pool-table tournaments, initial kick-offs at the client's and 2x1 week long retreats per year. We are very keen on keeping the good vibe we have at the company.
The previous seminary was in Martinique (Caribbean island), the next one will be in Europe.