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Mechanicsburg, PA, US

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Our mission is to bring the Fortune 100 e-payment experience to healthcare organizations who don’t have the time, energy, resources or expertise to build it themselves.

Since 2001, HealthPay24 has subscribed to one simple philosophy: everything we do, we do for the patients. That’s why we’ve blossomed into a leading innovator in intuitive patient payment technologies, which elevate both patient and provider experiences for a patient-centric and consumer-driven platform. Why use a complex, frustrating system when you can enjoy a simple, beautiful platform used in over 2,000 healthcare facilities?

HealthPay24 is more than just a business – we’re constantly looking out for your patients and your practice. Our core values are simple: we believe in using truly streamlined, intuitive technology to create comfort and clarity for both patient and provider. We believe that simplifying transactions leads to superior patient understanding and engagement. And we believe that SaaS is the most efficient, progressive way to deliver exactly what you need and none of what you don’t.

Our all-encompassing billing solution manages your patient financial responsibility from pre-to-post-service seamlessly, provides flexibility and convenience for online & POS collections, and fuels productivity for financial posting and reconciliation processes.

HealthPay24 has expanded our market strategy since our inception from major health systems to physician groups, dental practices, and medical billers of all sizes. We are growing and growing fast! Join us and experience truly patient-driven, fully automated billing software like you’ve never seen before.