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Headquarters: London, UK

Hazy is a web startup creating tools that help companies treat data responsibly.

Hazy is a low touch SAAS that helps people use data whilst treating it responsibly.

We recently won the $1,000,000 Microsoft Innovate AI prize for the best AI startup in Europe. We're backed by investors including M12, Notion, Albion, AI Seed and Cylon.

On the surface, we're building a data sharing platform, with built in legal and access controls that allows companies to meet regulatory requirements and stay on top of their data estate and data flows. Under the hood, we're developing advanced technology to automate the classification and anonymisation of arbitrary data sets. This allows us to analyse data, understand risk and optimise trade-offs between privacy and utility.

We're using languages like Elixir, Go and Python/Cython and tools like SpaCy, Hashicorp Vault and Kubernetes. We're cloud agnostic. Our data science work involves cutting edge AI, computer science and maths. Our data processing systems involve serious engineering challenges. Our product development aims to wrap up all the underlying complexity into a low-touch SASS tool that non-specialists can use right out of the box.

We're growing our team across product, development, data science, commercial and management roles. If you're interested in joining us and you're motivated by privacy and data ethics then do please get in touch.