Gear Stream

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Headquarters: Raleigh, NC

Helping entrepreneurial organizations improve the delivery of new software by holistically integrating business strategy with product execution @BradAMurphy CEO

Gear Stream is a Digital Transformation Company focused on accelerating how large and fast growing companies reinvent for digital.  Our approach includes not just a focus on modernizing Agile and DevOps/Cloud software delivery, but equally on the introduction of new leadership, culture, and management practices essential to operating high speed digital innovation and product development.

Gear Stream’s SurgeMaker™ platform provides the human analytics and operational change tools essential to influencing the new mindsets, habits, and Agile/DevOps engineering skills required when moving to a cloud/digitally native operating platform.  SurgeMaker™ enrolls the entire organizational network including: C-Suite executives, managers, and employees.

Gear Stream, Inc. is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and is privately held with regional offices in New York, Dallas, and a practitioner network that spans both North America, Europe, and Asia.

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  • Gear StreamConversational UX Designer + Google Duplex Expert - Freelance
  • Gear StreamOKR Guru with *Some* Product Design Experience - Part-Time
  • Gear StreamBusiness Book Illustrator - Freelance / Project Based
  • Gear StreamUX / UI Product Designer with Startup - B2B - SaaS - MVP Experience
  • Gear StreamAdobe Captivate / E-Learning Adult Learning Content Developer
  • Gear StreamBack End Software Engineer - Neo4J, APIs MicroServices, ArangoDB
  • Gear StreamJavaScript Front-End Dashboard Developer - React / D3 / Angular
  • Gear StreamDeveloper for API Monitoring Applications - Git Jira Rally TFS
  • Gear StreamViral Product / MVP Launch Ninja Marketing Specialist
  • Gear StreamRally (Agile PM Tool) + Javascript Report Programmer
  • Gear StreamWordPress In-Bound Conversion, Custom Coding Guru
  • Gear StreamSeek Killer Writer / Editor for White Papers, Magazine, & Blog
  • Gear StreamPowerPoint / Keynote Presentation Designer - Project Based
  • Gear StreamFreelance UX/UI Guru Needed to Refactor SaaS App
  • Gear StreamGephi + Photoshop Network Graphics Designer