Gear Stream

Raleigh, NC

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We Make Software Innovation Flow

Gear Stream is a human centered, digital-business transformation consultancy focused on accelerating how companies transition from operating silos to an authentic, customer obsessed ecosystem.  Our focus on agility and innovation is holistic, leveraging both Agile and Design Thinking practices calibrated for today’s modern, cross disciplinary team. Our approach also includes the support for the behavioral, skill and mindset transformations required of middle managers so that cross organizational product teams teams can do their most creative and inspired work.

Gear Stream’s SurgeMaker™ platform provides the human analytics and operational change tools essential to influencing the new mindsets, habits, and Agile/DevOps engineering skills required when moving to a cloud/digitally native operating platform.  SurgeMaker™ enrolls the entire organizational network including: C-Suite executives, managers, and employees.