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We help companies clean up their supply chains

Our company is called FRDM (pronounced free•dom), and we deliver enterprise-grade Software as a Service that’s transforming how businesses manage risk (like child labor) in their supply chain. We help our customers protect their values throughout their entire supplier network. Our customers are primarily Fortune 500 companies, but also include SMBs, investment funds, governments, NGOs, and academic institutions. We help companies comply with regulations and build brand loyalty with their customers. Our product is also embedded into procurement products of large ERP companies like SAP. We are building the world we want by helping our customers BUY BETTER. 

We work hard while remaining grounding on three key values:
Empathy: We value people who value people.
Intrepid: We are brave because we never default to the obvious.
Curiosity: We believe the best ideas are still out there.