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Founder + Lightning


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We partner with ambitious founders to launch, grow and scale their businesses

We partner with ambitious startup founders and equip them with the team,  tools, expertise and scale to build highly successful technology companies. 
We do it because we have an appreciation for the finer products in life. 
We are  fanatical about everything startup and excited by the journey that entails. 
Beginning with an idea and witnessing its progression fuels us with pride and  hunger. Our products succeed because of our passion, energy, and drive.

In our simplest form, we create startups that might otherwise not exist. We just  can't get enough of empowering our founders to solve real problems with clever solutions. We live and breathe agile development and specialize in getting their startup to market. We also love to get up close and personal with our founders so we help them across the board with product guidance, business strategy,  marketing campaigns, legal advice, future finance.
Founder + Lightning is headquartered in London, UK but our teams are spread out across many cities around the world.