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When you change your perspective you see things you never knew existed.

We're a new agency primarily managing 6 high profile e-com sites all using Shopify. We're a small team of 11 located all across the globe with the founding team based in Seattle, Wa.


This year in a blink of an eye business as usual fundamentally changed. Forever. 

Where some see chaos, we see opportunity. At Flip-Tech we have always understood that
when you change your perspective, you see things you never knew existed.
Complex problems can be solved with simple solutions that are derived from elegant
processes. Here at Flip-Tech, we believe the future is now & living in the moment establishes
the building blocks for tomorrow. We work in the intersection of Software Engineering, Customer
Experience & Human Interaction Design. Helping our clients accomplish the impossible.
Changing the narrative to re-write the future of culture, commerce, and connection.