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Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Improving lives by empowering health research.

Launched 6 years ago, Fitabase is the leading data aggregation and analytics platform for health researchers using wearables (we love Fitbit!) in their studies. Because of our platform, health researchers are making new discoveries using friendly consumer devices in the areas of cancer research, surgery recovery, weight loss, sleep, childhood obesity, fertility treatment, drug trials, and many other important areas. Our platform unlocks new potential for consumer devices and provides a valid, secure, and cost effective way to run a study at scale like was never possible before. Our customers’ work has and will continue to change recommendations for clinical treatment, as well as population-impacting health guidelines and recommendations. We get up every day excited to be a part of this important work. We’re constantly amazed at what our customers are finding in their data and we celebrate every time they publish.

We are a sustainable, non-venture funded startup (and proud of it!). Our growth is undeniable and we hope you’re ready to help take us to the business to the next level.

* Please note: we can only accept US-based candidates.