Figured Limited

Nebraska , USA

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Award winning NZ hi-tech startup of the year 2016


Progressive Fintech taking the world by storm and looking for a pioneer to help us deliver our product to the US market, prepare to stamp your name on a true success story and make a huge impact!

The Story

Farmers and growers around the world are faced with constant challenges when it comes to farming, they are at the whim of market prices and weather changes, which is becoming increasingly more unpredictable and volatile. Until today, there hasn’t been any existing tools that bring the financial focus to the forefront, and connect that with actual performance and an accounting system to enable farmers and growers to better “weather the storm”.

Who is Figured?

Figured is a New Zealand born SaaS taking the Fintech world by storm by changing the course of the Agricultural industry. Figured started as a simple idea to keep ahead of the financial state of a farm and has grown into an award winning tech platform. The concept of Figured is about the farmer, accountant, consultant, and lenders collaborating in real time on the same set of farm data to gain insight into the financial performance of the farm. A lot has happened in the last 5 years, here's a snapshot of our progress:
  • Product-Market fitness is truly validated
  • Awarded NZ Startup of the year (Hitech, 2016), App partner of the year, (Xerocon,2017), Specific App of the Year (Xerocon, 2016), and Emerging Partner of the yr, (Xerocon 2015)
  • Presence in New Zealand (HQ), Australia, US and UK
  • Have a diverse team of around 60 people across the globe