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London, UK

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Feeld is a dating platform for open-minded couples and singles. We believe nothing is more unpredictable or less binary than human desire.

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At Feeld, we prioritise open-mindedness, inclusion, diversity, and kindness. Our product brings people together who are geographically and sexually diverse, following the same responsible and ethical treatment of our employees. We believe in a cohesive working environment that gives each team member the opportunity to grow and play an active part in fulfilling our mission.

Founded in London in 2014, Feeld is a fully remote, design-led company built upon an ethos of transparency and openness.

Feeld has no physical office; our organisation is spread across 10 cities around the world with over 26 members. Our interest in human sexuality inspired us to create a more fluid working environment that is designed to give each member the autonomy they need to fulfil their vision.