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Digital Escape Rooms for Corporations

Transforming traditional pre-employment, onboarding, and training assessments into a game-like experience. With EscapeEd, we create and maintain interactive screenings, on and offboarding workshops as well as team building and training exercises.
Overcoming the challenges of the escape room requires teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity. Here's how it works: Team of large organisations gather in a predetermined location once you select a theme/challenge, then start the clock for a race against time to solve puzzles, decode words, solve tasks, and so much more.

But don't waste time, the clock is ticking! Mistakes can set back an individual or the whole team, but successes are rewarded too. Engaged teams on EscapeEd have an amazing experience while putting their skills on display for you to assess.
With EscapeEd's Feedback tool, any training or on boarding comes full-circle. Organisations get unparalleled access to team results so you can evaluate performances of each individual and the team as a whole. Team members anonymously rate one another for traits like: leadership, teamwork, overall skill, and communication.