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EMF Media

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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We are not your typical boring, wanna-be agency in this buzzing trending eCommerce game.

You can call us a growth incubator for startups & brand builders in Europe where we have a proven success in the market.

We don’t work with established brands. We. Establish. Brands.

It’s not a secret, we have helped brands grow from 0 to 8 figures in less than 2 years & done it multiple times.

How did we do that? Well, we do full growth marketing stack: paid media, email, CRO, influencer & celebrity marketing, brands partnership & build overall direct response marketing and so much more.

Now if you’re hungry for some numbers. No problem. Here they are:

  • The brands we worked with, generated 100M€ altogether during the last 2 years.
  • We’ve spent over 20M€ in marketing spend so far.
  • We partner our clients with the biggest influencers & celebrities in the world. Basically you name it.
  • Our clients’ shops are among the top shopify stores in some European countries.
  • We are the first ambassador partner for Snapchat in Europe.
  • We’ve had 1M€ a week milestone hit multiple times & hit 1M€ a day milestone already!

You’re right, we don’t have a website. Why? Because we never needed one. Word of mouth always brought us more clients than we can handle.

Now, why are we hiring? Because it’s time for us to take this company to the next level. This is where we need a strong army of passionate marketers.

At EMF Media, we are:

Passionate Learners: Go beyond routine. Love the game of growth.

Transparent: Promote an open, honest company culture.

Entrepreneurial: Be accountable. Be proactive. Challenge yourself & others.

Highly Adaptive: Anticipate change. DO what’s needed to move forward

Result-driven: Define goals. Make smart decisions. Perform to achieve.