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A truly Digital & AI first Green Energy Supplier

About the start-up:
We are currently in stealth mode. The start-up shall operate in the energy sector to push humanity towards a zero carbon world by advancing green electricity consumption and zero emissions mobility. The vision of the start-up is to supply as much green electricity as possible at near zero prices, so that the majority of humankind can affordably enjoy abundant energy - including for transport - without the environmental, ethical, and geopolitical challenges of today.

The start-up envisions leveraging new-age software engineering, product design, and artificial intelligence approaches to achieve its aims. It needs to solve several currently unknown and first-of-its-kind problems in the electricity ecosystem, and the core team believes these are solvable using a software-first, energy-second approach. The energy industry is traditionally a laggard in technology adoption, and hence continues to under-fulfil its potential in climate change mitigation, and this must not be the case in 2030. We are betting on being the first truly software-centric energy supply company to achieve this, thus setting a benchmark for global industry to follow.

About the people:
The start-up is founded by entrepreneurs in their mid-30s with strong energy and software industry resumes. Some of the Founders are Indian nationals. The founding team previously worked together to build enterprise machine learning SaaS ventures in the climate change and renewable energy industry, both now acquired by larger companies. The pedigree of the Founders and Advisors is from University of Cambridge, Imperial College and University of Oxford besides top Indian engineering schools.