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Our Mission
We’re here to help make the internet safer and workplaces more productive.
From the beginning, we had a few main tenets that we wanted to be the building blocks of our product:
  • Driven by AI and cutting edge technology
  • A fully redundant Anycast DNS Network
  • Do one thing really well: DNS Filtering
Since founding DNSFilter, we’ve made continuous product changes all in an effort to be a better DNS filtering solution. That’s all we’ve ever wanted our product to be: DNS filtering that keeps your end users productive and safe while working.
To us, a better product meant:
  • Not slowing down your network
  • Categorizing sites we’ve never seen before (and not being totally reliant on threat feeds)
  • Listening to our clients and MSP partners
We won’t slow down, and we will always find ways to improve. It’s why we implemented our roadmap and gave our users the ability to provide feedback. We take our customers, and their suggestions, very seriously.