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Europe's premier community for ecommerce + logistics

DELIVER (www.deliver.events) is a fast growing global B2B networking & events company with a multinational freelance/contractual workforce of approximately 20 staff. The company’s origin is in France and our team is primarily located across Europe. English is the official language of the company.

We bring top retailers and vendors together for networking and deal making in the e-commerce & logistics space. We have two main events per year: CONNECT, a digital only networking and meetings platform and DELIVER our flagship in person B2B networking & conference event. Our main market focus is Europe. Our revenue is generated from logistics vendors (fulfilment, transportation, packaging and logistics technology) and their associated sponsorships, who are keen to meet high level decision makers within our retailer community. To that end our success very much lies in ensuring we attract high quality retailers to participate at our events and participate in one-to-one networking and meetings, whether virtual or in person. 

As we grow and evolve, we are seeking to expand our business team to attract sponsors and recruit top retailers to attend our events and participate in our products and services, as well as strengthen our community and increase our digital presence. 

We are seeking an experienced enthusiastic social media manager on a flexible, freelance, contractual basis to manage our social media presence, create campaigns and work within the marketing team to achieve our KPIs.