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New York City

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Cube is a next-generation financial planning & analytics platform that enables finance teams and businesses to make smarter, faster decisions.

About Cube

Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed the emergence of sales-tech, mar-tech, data science, dev tools, and even HR-tech.  We are now in the beginning of the era of the CFO. We are inspired every day by the opportunity to pioneer a new industry, and welcome those who want to join us!

Cube's vision is to be THE System of Intelligence & Engagement for the CFO and finance teams to deliver faster, smarter strategic insights to drive the business forward. Cube is a CFO-founded and venture-backed company with $20M in funding with a recently closed round led by Mayfield.

The CFO’s most strategic function, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), is a mission-critical role, yet nearly 90% of companies still manage their financial outlook and analysis in standalone spreadsheets. Cube addresses this challenge by pioneering a new approach to FP&A technology that combines the power and performance of enterprise cloud software with the flexibility and familiarity of the spreadsheet.  

Cube connects the entire finance tech stack, including Excel and Google Sheets, into a cloud-based FP&A platform, enabling teams to get started in just days (not months), with no large-scale change management or training.   Companies can plan more, report faster, and analyze smarter - in just a fraction of the time.