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We make websites easier to use. Through a scientific method of determining which improvements result in actual performance improvements, we replace the old way of designing sites through gut feel and management opinions with designing sites through data.

These are the values that guide our decisions, our hiring, and how we interact with our clients. As our company grows and adapts, so may our focus, but these values are our bedrock. Our culture is the result of living these values. Netflix, Hubspot, Atlassian and others who share similar values and cultures inspire us.

We Put The Client First
We have a responsibility to help our clients make decisions that are right for their businesses. Your business is unique and it is our job to help you share it with the world.

Prioritizing the client means supporting your team to innovate, meet strategic business objectives, and learn more about your customers and how they make decisions.

We prioritize your needs above our own by helping to change the way your team engages with customers. We make decisions that maximize your team’s ability to structure high throughput experimentation programs. This approach gives your team the best possible insight into how the changes being considered impact the bottom line.

That focus has led to our unparalleled record of success in meeting key business objectives. That’s why we begin each engagement by working with your team to develop ROI models, prioritization frameworks, and progress reports that help your team meet its business goals. We measure and communicate progress with our clients throughout each partnership. We strive to work on your business like it’s our business—every time.

We Make Time

Our actions reflect our priorities. Doing our best work requires us to be thoughtful, pay attention, and listen intently to the people around us.

Our commitment to making time is about more than just being present for the projects we’re working on. We believe in making time to listen to our clients, our teammates, and our own intuition.

Our goal of building data-driven experimentation programs requires us to consider problems from every angle, which means we pay attention to every detail—including the data we generate about our client’s customers.

When something isn’t right, we want to want to know about it. As we take the time to analyze and unpack the problem, we’re better able to learn from our experiences, and that insight helps us to grow.

We Think There’s No Growth in the Comfort Zone

Our approach to growth is simple: We take smart risks and we’re open to failure. By measuring what we do, and taking every chance we can to learn about your customers, we position you better for success.

Our strategy isn’t about the status quo, it’s a proven approach to finding new ways to do things your competitors aren’t willing to try. Our biggest threat over time is the lack of innovation.

We do difficult things because that’s where the biggest opportunities exist. Comfort is the enemy of growth.

We Lead with Compassion

It takes courage to be vulnerable, but building a culture of trust and safety means respecting each other enough to be honest.

Silent disagreement is unproductive, and it’s an easy pattern to fall into. When we get this one wrong, we learn from our mistakes. We try to be quick to own our failures and hope that, by doing so, we inspire the people we work with to give each other the same grace.

As we improve at being open and honest with each other, we focus more on understanding than being understood. We treat others with respect by avoiding gossip and respectfully saying what we mean. We strive to implement sound, healthy practices, and do not tolerate harassment. By being honest about the things we think, and sharing feedback when we think it will help inspire growth, we demonstrate that each member of our team is valued.

We Actually Care

Our business is helping to grow your business, which means our incentives are different from those of traditional agencies.

Our account executives combine 7-star experiences with industry-leading insights that create unrivaled strategies. Our product managers work on your business like it is their own. Our engineers are committed to delivering experiments that maximize your site’s functionality. Our QA team carefully conducts analyses to ensure no mistakes are made on your site that could impact our experiments.

Our clients trust us with their bottom lines, and at Cro Metrics, we accept that stewardship with integrity.

It’s our job to care.

We Foster Diversity and Inclusion

At Cro Metrics, we consider ourselves fortunate to work on some of today’s most challenging business problems. We aim to hire a diverse team to better reflect the diversity of our clients and their customers.

We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that brings together a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. Those perspectives help us cultivate a community in which remarkable people come together to test and build innovative solutions.

We also recognize that workplace diversity isn’t just a goal you reach—it’s an ongoing process of learning and improvement. We continually reevaluate what it means to have an inclusive culture, and we are dedicated to creating a comfortable, affirming, and safe workplace for people from all communities. We encourage candidates of all backgrounds to join us and help make our work better than ever.

We’re Professionals

Our team is made up of a wide variety of professionals from a broad industry landscape; we boast more than 250 years of experience in driving growth.

By hiring the right team, and empowering them to take ownership over their work, we create better outcomes more consistently for our clients.

Our commitment to professionalism means that we work until the job is done. We’re focused on building the kinds of relationships with our clients that allow us to serve as a valued member of the team.

When we aren’t working for our clients, we’re honing our skills. Our commitment to professional growth is reflected in everything we do at Cro Metrics—including our unique hiring process. We practice the way we perform—and we’re always striving to be a little bit better than we were the day before.

We’re inspired by other companies dedicated to the best in customer experience. Those companies provide the autonomy and trust necessary to support high-quality motivation. Our values reflect those inspirations. Over the years we’ve also put together a small list of media that reflects how we make decisions.

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At Cro Metrics, we embody inclusion and embrace diversity. Cro Metrics is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions based on merit. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply.