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Creatively Squared

Brisbane, Australia

Jobs posted: 5

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Our mission is to empower and inspire the world's creatives to do what they love and be paid fairly doing so.

Creatively Squared was born out of a collective desire for creative freedom. Looking for a creative outlet, Ruth founded an online community for visual creators which quickly gained momentum. This inclusive community attracted, not only talented image-makers from around the world, but also the attention of her husband Scott who promptly left his Top 4 consulting job to help grow the business.

Ruth and Scott saw an opportunity to improve the way brands were producing content for digital audiences. Traditional methods were no longer effective and to succeed online, modern brands required an abundance of great content to connect with their audiences.

Creating quality branded content through their global community was the perfect solution. It enabled a more efficient production cycle and an output infused with the creativity and warmth brands needed to cut through. Through Creatively Squared, brands and creators continue to achieve their goals by working together.

We're now 3 years in, a team of 15 that's still bootstrapped working with companies including Google, Unilever, Heineken and P&G globally