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ClickFlow is a SaaS product that handles SEO A/B testing for businesses to help them grow their business faster.

ClickFlow helps large websites make and measure SEO-based changes at scale. We’re using predictive mathematical formulas, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide our customers with insights on how they can grow traffic and increase conversions.

ClickFlow is looking for a Denver CO based senior backend developer to join our growing team.

The Leadership Team

Eric Siu - Co-founder and CEO
Eric Siu’s background spans the world of marketing. He co-hosts the Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel and hosts the Growth Everywhere podcast. He frequently speaks at conferences around the world and helps companies like Uber and Amazon with their marketing. Eric also contributes to Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, Forbes, Time Magazine, Fast Company and more.

John-Paul Narowski - Co-founder and CTO
John Paul Narowski was thrown into business at age 18, taking over his father’s Amish Furniture company before 21. He’s had his nose deep in technology since he was 15, learning how to code by breaking things, and then fixing them. He’s spent years refining his craft, and loves crafting clean, elegant interfaces.

He’s founded and grown several companies over the years, including karmaCRM – a CRM built for true small business owners with over 6,000 daily active users. He believes in team autonomy, results-only work environment, and work-life harmony.