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CLI Studios

Los Angeles, CA

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We exist to make the world a more creative place by providing accessible and affordable arts education for every person.

About CLI Studios

We are a group of unique, diverse, and creative individuals who deeply believe in the transformative power of the arts. We are on a mission to make arts education accessible for every single person! Our end goal? Make the world a more creative place by empowering learners of all ages to harness creativity. A critical step towards that vision is to connect our members to the best dance classes in the world from their homes. 

Think about your favorite artist. Now, imagine you are able to learn from them through recorded, live, and interactive experiences! Every day you are able to transport yourself to a studio in LA with an artist and a tight-knit community as you further your own artform, passions, dreams, and future. If everyone could do this, what kind of world could we create? A world not only full of innovators and problem solvers, but also full of beauty, hope, and renewal.

Our team

We are a collaboration between world-class performing artists (e.g. multi-season stars from SYTYCD), technologists (e.g. CIO of NAAAP), startup operators (e.g. VP of Marketing at Modsy) and more. We believe business and art are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it is the melding of these two worlds that have made us the bold, creative force we are today. In the same sentence, you’ll hear us talking about dance techniques, studio production, and conversion rates.