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We help businesses achieve their goals using modern technologies and innovations.

We are CIGen. It’s short for Collective Intelligence Generation.
Since 2005 we provide technology consulting and custom software development services to businesses around the world.
There are two things that help us work in synergy and change this world for better. Those are solid technical expertise and a set of core values that guide us on our way.

 Our values:
  • Quality, expertise, professionalism
  • Teams’ synergy, trusting relationships and partnerships, mutual respect
  • Social responsibility
  • Lean culture: maximize customer value while minimizing waste

We believe that great results can only be achieved with the right people and the right culture. 
That is why we are looking for people to join our team who are like us - passionate about what they do, are open and broad-minded, ready to learn and develop as rapidly as the world changes.