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Cazana's next generation valuations, data and insights are enabling the next generation of vehicle access.

This is a time of revolution in the automotive industry

Driverless vehicles, new powertrains, a shift from ownership to access and radical taxation changes - the automotive industry is in a state of flux.

In order to compete in this fast changing environment, a better understanding of vehicles and the new automotive consumer is needed.

For cars to be accessed not owned:
  • Vehicle risk transfers from individuals to companies who need a clear idea of their exposure
  • Consumers need an independent resource to explain and compare new access models
  • Traditional dealers need to modernise to compete or face extinction
Cazana is enabling the next phase of the automotive industry:

Cazana provides automotive insights for the future of vehicle ownership. Using big data and predictive analytics, Cazana analyses millions of automotive transactions daily to assess the value and risk associated with every vehicle on the road.

Cazana's systems are used by manufacturers, finance companies, dealerships and insurers globally. Companies use Cazana's data to provide vehicles to the modern automotive consumer who wants to access, not own vehicles.