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San Francisco, California (USA)

Jobs posted: 11

Capbase simplifies the process of starting and scaling a company for startup founders, including incorporation, cap tables, compliance and more.

We help founders set up and scale their startups. Our goal is to democratize access to entrepreneurship and empower any founder to build a company on a solid legal and financial foundation, even if they don’t live in Silicon Valley and don’t have access to a startup lawyer.

We are a diverse team of smart, humble and collaborative people, distributed across the globe.


Startups aren’t here to change the world, they’re here to save the world. By bringing us innovation that improves the lives of every day humans or quite literally saves the planet. Capbase just incorporated a carbon capture startup last week; it will likely fail... but if it succeeds, we can erase years of damage to our environment and reverse global warming.

Our universities, labs, cafes, co-working spaces and garages create enormous amounts of innovation—and there are more startups and new innovative technology being created every day. Today’s challenge is harnessing this innovation and using it to advance the human condition.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon all deliver innovation at scale, across the globe. These companies, for better or worse, have changed how the world works. There are many more companies like them in information technology, hardware, healthcare, and energy, and so on.

It might seem impossibly difficult -- many books have been written about how these companies were built and the challenges they encountered along the way -- but the only way for companies to be built and change the world at scale is by starting a startup. All companies start as startups.

Our Duty at Capbase

If startups are capable of achieving global scale and saving the world, and every company started as a startup, then it is our moral duty to remove the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and anything that stands in the path of innovation.

Talented, hard working founders should be able to build a startup and scale their companies, independent of where they live... or their race, their gender, their sexual orientation.

That’s our duty at Capbase: to serve the startups that are saving the world. By eliminating the frictions along their way, in the most meaningful way possible. By empowering entrepreneurs to build great products and scale their companies without worrying about legal contracts or financial compliance.

It is also the duty of every service provider in the startup ecosystem: investors, incubators, advisors, lawyers, recruiters, etc.

Not every company has the opportunity to meaningfully and directly impact the world of innovation and startups in the way that Capbase can. The success of Capbase is tied to our ability to fulfill our duty -- to set up startups for success and help innovative founders succeed in their missions to save the world.

We are building a product that will become an essential part of how founders build and scale their startups into world-changing companies. We work for those people. If we do our job well, we’ll create something that matters as much to them as it does to us, and all of our lives (and the world) will be better for it.

We have an opportunity that is rare. Let’s make the most of it together.

- Greg Miaskiewicz, CEO