Paris, France

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Turn your spreadsheets into nice webapps

AwesomeTable lets you create a web app from your spreadsheet data without coding skills, in order to make your data look nice, make it usable and actionable, and in the end, drive adoption to the data. Millions of users are using AwesomeTable in their daily work, and they love it. Thanks to AwesomeTable, our users can finally broadcast their spreadsheets to showcase their work without making their audience painfully read through a boring ugly spreadsheet.

Our product values are: customer delight, simplicity and empowerment. AwesomeTable is a “low floor, high ceiling” kind of product: it is usable by everyone, but doesn’t limit the boldest of users.

Our team is global (we have people based Paris, Milano, Atlanta, San Francisco, UK), highly motivated and competent.
We are profitable and growing quickly, and looking for new talent that will help us reach new heights. Come shape the future of spreadsheet-driven applications, communication and productivity!