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Turn Every Commercial Building Upgrade into a Carbon Reduction Project

Audette is Capital Planning for the Carbon Revolution

82% of the global economy is targeting carbon neutral. That’s net-zero carbon across all areas of industry in the next 30 years. In the built environment, this has spurred a huge industry of $60B in energy efficiency grants and $250B in green bonds, designed to get building owners to take action. In the commercial space, this action involves systematically replacing every boiler, chiller, fan, pump, motor etc. over the next three decades. This is daunting because the lifetime of one of these pieces of equipment can be over 30 years! We need to convince property owners to make decisions now about what our world looks like when 2050 rolls around.

This is why we've created Audette.  We've created the fastest and easiest way to get clean capital into the hands of commercial building owners.  We assist with asset planning while reducing the opportunity cost for carbon-reduction finance providers.  It's a win-win.