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Los Angeles, CA

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We help our customers' customers know what they need to do & when they need to do it.

Arrows is a collaborative onboarding tool for high-touch customers.

Imagine any mid-size or larger enterprise strategizing how to implement + rollout Slack across their organization. Arrows enables a customer success team to coordinate that with the customer to get them launched faster. A faster rollout very literally means the customer starts paying sooner, it means they upgrade sooner, it means they're more likely to be a retained customer for the long-term, and they're more likely to expand their contract value over time.

Long-term, we see onboarding as a wedge into the entire customer lifecycle (we like to say "onboarding never ends"). Companies will use Arrows to onboard high-touch, medium/hybrid-touch, and low-touch customers. Having all of those use-cases work fluidly in one tool is even more important in a world where customers start as self-serve and scale into large, managed accounts over time.

Arrows should be the first customer success tool that a company reaches for when they're small. And since it's self-serve + has deep integrations, our customers should be able to expand how they use Arrows to guide their customers towards their goals to over time.