Oakland, CA

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Apostrophe revolutionizes skincare by combining online dermatological visits with custom-made prescription treatments.

Apostrophe is a consumer telemedicine platform laser focused on revolutionizing dermatology. We’ve reimagined the dermatology clinic to be completely digital, on demand, and delivered to your door. We offer customized medication and ongoing care at a fraction of the cost of a traditional doctor.

We believe that a paradigm shift in the consumerization of medicine is upon us. We believe that dermatology is the speciality most ripe for this shift. We believe that this space is perfectly situated to make a company of the 21st century - combining the inclusivity of skincare with the authenticity of science-backed credibility.

Whether it’s prescription medication or over the counter skin care, we build technology to connect people with the right care whenever and wherever they want it. Our Design team crafts functional and delightful user experiences for patients, doctors, pharmacists, and our care team - on screen and in the real world.