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We're building a community where people and brands thrive together through meaningful, joyful and rewarding relationships.

Ampjar Vision, Mission and Team
Created by the first ten team members in March 2019.

Our Vision

A World where every time we spend money it brings us joy and fulfilment.

The act of supporting communities around us brings more purpose and meaning to our lives. Supporting what brings us joy and fulfilment will have a revolutionary effect on our lives individually and society as a whole.

Our Mission

Build a community where people and brands thrive together through meaningful, joyful and rewarding relationships.

Our Team

As a company our role is to find people who believe in our vision, and create an environment through which we can collectively achieve our mission.

We believe in autonomy, mastery and purpose.

The company and team give each other the resources and environment for each team member to direct their own life and work

The belief that our kind of people are people who constantly want to improve and be better at their areas of work than anyone else in the world.

Our vision and mission set the tone and direction that drives us all to succeed.

Our Values

Community First

We believe in the power of communities to change outlooks, lives, and societies.

Small = Strong
Personality, agility, dedication and purpose. There’s a power in being small, thinking small and acting small.

Transparency, honesty and openness breed a culture of trust and success within our team, and with our community.

Getting Things Done
We optimise for supporting each other and driving towards our missions, as a team and as a  community.

A Positive, Inspired and Grateful Outlook
Ampjar people are positive people, inspired by our mission and the people and companies that we support.
We’re deeply grateful for the opportunity we have and the circumstances in life that allow us to work towards this goal.

A healthy balance of work that brings you joy and a home life full of joy is essential to success.
A team balanced by gender, personality types, beliefs and physical location gives us the best possible chance to achieve our mission and realise our vision.
We choose our team based on the important stuff. Things like age, gender, religion and location are never seen as a negative signal.
Our culture isn’t about fitting in with what we have, it’s about contributing and enhancing to our shared experiences.

Our People

Ampjar people;
Are interested in the world around them
Are interesting to people around them
Are on a mission, together
Adapt to change
Have strong opinions, loosely held

You might fit in here if you:
Walk right past a chain outlet to buy lunch from a small operator.
Loved the soup nazi for his personality and product.
Know the names and dreams of the people who work at your local coffee shop.
Feel joy when you see a well organised spreadsheet.
Love using social media and digital tools to organize people, events and movements.
Obsess over performance and find joy in motivating others.
Buy from people and brands who bring you joy.
Buy great gifts.
Work best in teams.
Like juggling an astonishing amount of things at the same time.
Eat ambiguity for breakfast and get stuff done.
See a job differently to many of your friends.

Practical Manifestations

Our culture is about how we work

We are deeply respectful of each others’ roles and expertise, and challenge each other on our plans and approaches.
We have regularly purposeful and meaningful conversations as teams.
We believe in balance and supporting each other to work hours that fit in with their lives and schedules. We flex to cross over with each other but are so good at communicating that this can be just minutes or hours.
We use tools for collaboration and fun. Mini challenges and gifs are part of our DNA.
We care about each person in our team feeling connected with each other as if we sat under the same roof.
We ask each team to feel connected to other team’s goals. We do this by asking each team to define a ‘big goal, worthy of celebration’ every three month. The goal is shared and celebrated when reached.
We invest in supporting rewarding and supporting each person in our team practically and in fun or simple ways that make work easier, more fulfilling and engaging.
We reward our team and bring them into each others’ hearts and minds through being supportive, fun and giving them things that help them feel connected.