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Alight Creative, Inc.

Seoul, South Korea

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Empowering Mobile Content Creators

Alight Creative is a Seoul-based startup building powerful and innovative mobile-first tools to empower the next generation of content creators.

We are the makers of Alight Motion, the world's first professional motion graphics design tool for a mobile platform. Launched in 2018 on Android, Alight Motion is now also available for iPhone, and iPad, and has millions of users from all backgrounds from professional artists, animators, journalists, and videographers to YouTubers, Instagrammers, and fan editors. But Alight Motion is just the beginning!

We are a passionate and eclectic team, with a vision to re-define what is possible on mobile platforms. Our goal is to make powerful desktop-grade content production and post-production capabilities available to everyone, without the need for expensive hardware.

We believe in building better user experiences through iteration, feedback, and community engagement. We believe in building inclusive products that empower everyone, rather than focusing merely on revenue optimization by excluding user segments to narrow the feature set.  For example, this could mean adding a small feature to make a product useful for journalists even though journalists don't form a core revenue source. This inclusiveness and accessibility across cultures, industries, professions, and use-cases is core to our philosophy.

The same philosophy extends to our own team: We believe in providing a comfortable, creative, inclusive work environment. We believe in listening to everyone's ideas and opinions and making decisions together as a team. As an early-stage startup we can't always promise it will be low-pressure, but nevertheless that is the goal we continually strive for. We share our success, including generous bonuses when the company is doing well, and generous paid time off.

Come join our team, and help us build amazing products!