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Make outdoor advertising easy and measurable

AdQuick is the building the easiest way to buy and measure outdoor advertising. We connect buyers and sellers of outdoor ads together in a marketplace. 

On the demand-side, we offer agencies and marketers advanced tools to build campaigns using data. We also offer a full measurement suite to see help marketers quantify the actual impact of their campaigns.

On the supply-side, we build inventory management tools for billboard owners, and we give them away for free. All U.S. inventory is in our database, and 20% is kept up to date with real-time availability. For the other 80%, we have software that makes sending/receiving RFPs a breeze. 

Our goal is to be the operating system for out-of-home, and we're well on our way there. 

AdQuick is an Instacart-mafia company – the co-founders met there, and we've since hired several other folks that used to work there with us. (We joke that AdQuick is just the top 10% of Instacart – sorry Apoorva!)

We have 30 people total and product/eng team of 16. We're a Series A-stage company, we raised our seed and A round from Garry Tan & Alexis Ohanian's VC firm, Initialized Capital.