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Birmingham, AL

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Our mission is to build useful networks of healthcare professionals and patients using innovative software tools to improve patient care and the lives of healthcare professionals.

VitalEngine is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based healthcare collaboration and workflow platform that allows for secure collaboration among healthcare professionals and transmission of referrals, medical records, and images in order to streamline patient care.  VitalEngine contains a growing suite of collaboration and workflow tools, such as referral manager, telemedicine, secure chat, cloud PACS, and numerous other tools.  VitalEngine acts as a central hub connecting all the nodes in a referral network. With just a few clicks a user can send a patient referral to a physician or physician group at a facility, which includes the patient’s medical records and images. This replaces the need for several slow and outdated methods of sharing patient information and images such as faxes, phone calls, DICOM image CDs, etc. With VitalEngine, referrals that traditionally could have taken weeks to arrange can now be completed in minutes.