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About Sukhi

In Nepali, Sukhi means “happy.” 

What makes us happy? Producing the highest quality handcrafted rugs. Preserving age-old rug making traditions. And treating artisans with dignity and respect. 

How it all started
Sukhi is founded by  Nasia Burnet and Wouter Durville. Sukhi is an online shopping destination for high-quality hand-made customizable rugs. We promote conscious living at affordable prices. It all comes down to partnering directly with artisans. That means cutting out overhead costs on warehouses and physical stores.

During one of their visits to Nepal, they discovered the felt ball rugs. The cheerful colors and the high quality of the felted balls really jumped out. After that, they decided to set up two workplaces in different parts of Kathmandu. The women who work for them all live within walking distance of the workplaces.

Nasia: ‘’With Sukhi we are able to share the beautiful work from our artisans with the rest of the world. Isn’t it amazing that you can order a rug - which is specially made for you - while sitting comfortably at home behind your computer, laptop, tablet, or your phone? Our artisans are so happy that we provide them work, not for one time but continuously, that is very motivating’’