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Boston, MA

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We deliver software that simplifies decision-making for planners facing an increasingly complex electric grid

About GridUnity
At GridUnity we are helping transform the world’s energy supply chain by accelerating the integration of distributed energy resources such as solar, wind, and energy storage. We do this by providing pioneering SaaS analytics solutions to utilities and independent system operators for use by their engineers and renewable energy developers.

Our advanced System-of-Systems platform combines predictive analytics, machine learning, configurable business processes and cloud computing to deliver enterprise software applications with the flexibility to evolve with the world’s changing energy model. The GridUnity platform has been rolled out across 17 U.S. states by entities providing energy to about 20% of Americans, and we’re growing fast.

Why work at GridUnity?
We are a top-notch team of perpetually curious lifelong learners leveling up our customers’ options for solving complex problems. We build innovative energy software products that introduce fresh perspectives to our customers. 

Everyone’s voice matters in the GridUnity-verse. Mutual trust and respect are paramount. Integrity is assumed. Diversity of thought strengthens us. Ego is healthy; yet humility is what keeps us learning. Having fun is never forgotten.

Charting new territory means we must listen well to our customers and to each other. Disagreements illuminate opportunity. Reaching agreement is sometimes hard, but the rewards are often great. We actively seek a diversity of thought and experience on our team. Join us and make an impact on one of the most important challenges of the 21st century: climate change.