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Forem is open source software for building communities

Forem is a company committed to empowering community.   We operate DEV, CodeNewbie, and our underlying platform, Forem.

Forem is open-source software for building inclusive communities. It was originally extracted from the DEV Community platform and is now beginning to empower communities of all shapes and sizes. The platform is flexible and hardened by the scrutiny of thousands of developers. To learn more about the future of Forem, check out our announcement post on DEV.

We are a remote-first team and have no physical office. We have team members all across the world, in a wide span of time zones. We prioritize asynchronous productivity and have just one full-team required meeting per week. Our work culture relies on trust and the ability to work independently, though we also collaborate in real-time when a situation calls for that level of coordination. We value emotional intelligence, learning, and growth, and are excited to identify diverse and well-rounded candidates who share our passion and priorities.