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Milan, Italy

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Helping people achieve peace of mind through simpler grocery shopping.

Everli was founded in 2014 with the aim of making grocery shopping simple, fast and convenient. Clients choose their favorite supermarket and do their grocery online: then, a personal Shopper goes to the store to carefully make the grocery and deliver it straight at their home.

We want to change the grocery experience and give back all the time and efforts that everyone now spends in picking, queuing and bringing his own groceries at home. We want to do this to allow people to spend their time on what really matters: life.

The company is now a multi-milion well funded scale-up with top Italian and international investors, strategic partnerships and talented staff of more than 260 people.

The Tech Team 🚀
We grew a lot in the past years. We are now a fully remote and distributed team of more than 55 engineers, coming from more than 12 different countries. We started working remotely at the beginning of 2017, so we’re pretty used to it.
  • We value outcome, not output; we love clear communications and we love working together. We firmly believe in Agile Principles and work in teams called Squads.
  • A Squad is a small cross-functional, self-organized team usually with less than eight members. The team members have end-to-end responsibilities, and they work together towards their long-term mission.
  • On Squads the key driver is autonomy. Each Squad has the autonomy to decide what to build, how to build it, and how to work together while building it.

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