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Midwestern Roots, Full Transparency, Proven Results

51Blocks was started by our very own Michael Borgelt back in 2009 when he was living in Portland, Oregon. As with most startups, he was operating out of his home with a single client in his stable. Initially, the company was a way to supplement his income while Michael pursued his passion of officiating basketball. Eventually, Michael realized that his true passion was in helping businesses grow and he put all of his efforts into 51Blocks. Shortly after this decision, he hired his first contractor and that’s where things really took off.

In 2012 Michael moved back to Denver, hired two more employees and started working out of his garage. The business boomed and soon two employees became seven. Wouldn’t you know it, the 400 square foot wasn’t cutting it and they moved into an actual office. After trying out a few different office solutions, he realized that going completely remote would allow 51Blocks to grow much faster with a far wider talent pool to choose from. This strategy has been massively successful, and 51Blocks now employs highly skilled Account Managers from all over the country.

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