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Gdańsk, Poland

Jobs posted: 8

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100% remote team, typescript experts, tech partners of the best startups in the world


More accessible, more connected, and more open world. A world of freedom, shared knowledge and abundance of opportunities.


Build a community of exceptional software engineers, and be the best remote work company on the market.


Explore. Stay curious and experience new things. Self-improve and challenge yourself. Be brave, daring and adventurous. Always go beyond, take one step further, experiment and innovate. The ultimate goal of exploring is discovery.

Freedom. Forge your own path. Be self-reliant, strong, independent and autonomous. Be responsible, respectful and tolerant. Practice openness, seek truth, and be honest.

Contribute. Leave a mark on the world. Give back to a community. Share knowledge and experience.


We are Explorers

We are driven by the need to learn and discover. Open-minded generalists when it comes to approaching problems and unrivaled experts when applying a solution.

Daring adventurers, digital nomads, pilots, rock climbers -  led by a burning curiosity and passion to go above and beyond in our lives and craft.

We are Contributors

We use every opportunity to share and leave a mark: contributing to OpenSource projects, code mentoring, blogging, or spreading the knowledge at conferences. ​

For us, to be able to explain something means to understand it truly, and doing something for others is the highest level of self-development.

We are Engineers

We are highly motivated experts specializing in technologies and standards such as TypeScript, React, NodeJS, ML,  JSON Schema, REST, and GraphQL​.

Come work with us!