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10x Genomics

Pleasanton, CA

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Accelerate the mastery of biology to advance human health.

Build products that advance biology to improve human health.
10x Genomics (NASDAQ: TXG) is one of the fastest growing biotech companies, growing from $3M in revenue in 2015 to $280M in 2020. We create hardware, chemistry, and software that accelerates biological research. Our products are used by researchers around the world, including all of the top 100 global research institutions, all of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and have been cited in over 2,900 research papers. Our mission is to build products that will be used throughout the rest of this century, to better understand, and eventually conquer disease.

Why You Should Join
  1. Your work will directly accelerate the speed of scientific research and disease-curing discoveries across the world.
  2. You'll get the opportunity to make a significant impact. Our environment is more autonomous than process-driven, and we focus on balanced, rational decision making.
  3. You'll get to work with multidisciplinary generalists, who span from biologists to designers to hardware and software engineers.