The 7 Best Cities to Work Remotely When You’re a Digital Nomad

Start collecting passport stamps as you work and travel these affordable, expat-friendly cities with the best internet.

Is your home office or cubicle caving in on you?

When you start working remotely, all you need is a laptop and a strong internet connection to turn almost any part of the world into your productive workspace.

You'll be able to break out of your rut and set your own work hours so you can explore new cities and rack up passport stamps around the globe --- all while still earning an income.

Knowing which cities you'll be able to thrive in as a digital nomad makes all the difference in how successful your trekking will be.


The Best Cities for Remote Workers

Not all cities are created equally when it comes to what a digital nomad needs, just like not all myths about working remotely are true.

In addition to learning how to find the right remote job, you'll need to research each city's:

  • Visa requirements, and passport needs.
  • Cost of living, which includes the exchange rate for your currency, the price of lodging, and the cost of goods like groceries and going out. A city where your monthly income significantly outweighs your monthly expenses means you can do more and also save for your next trip.
  • Internet, you can't be out of touch when you work remotely, so you'll need reliable, fast internet at an affordable price. Check how available free WiFi is too.
  • Coworking spaces, do they exist? Are there other places fellow digital nomads gather to work without feeling isolated in a new country? Are they expensive?
  • Activities to do, the perk of setting your own work schedule is being able to soak up all a new country has to offer. Get your work done and always have something fun to look forward to when you're off.


#1. Canggu, Indonesia

This beach village on Bali has more full-time Instagrammers than couples on their honeymoon.


Why visit Canggu? Check out these averages[*]:

  • Internet speed 20 MBPS
  • Cost for an Airbnb $40/night or $1,200
  • Coworking space \$241
  • Dinner \$3.44
  • Beer \$1.75
  • Coffee \$1.03
  • Cost of living \$1,236

If you want to work somewhere people only dream of vacationing (and make all your friends and followers jealous), Canggu is the place to be.

This beach village on Bali borders a resort town with high-end shops, loads of restaurants, and killer waves for surfing. Tourists and expats are welcome so there are cafes and coworking spaces a plenty (though they can be pricey since demand is high).

When you're not working on the beach, you can venture out to nearby rice paddies, visit the Tanah Lot Hindu temple, and enjoy the nightlife.

The hardest part about living in Canggu will be tearing yourself away from paradise to get your work done.

Tourist visa required for Indonesia: Not for tourist travel under 30 days. You will need two blank passport pages.


#2. Belgrade, Serbia

Pedestrian streets lined with shops, cafes, and galleries, plus a fortress, farmers market, and new tech all between two rivers.


Why visit Belgrade? Check out these averages[*]:

  • Internet speed 24 MBPS
  • Cost for an Airbnb $44/night or $1,342
  • Coworking space \$100
  • Dinner \$4.81
  • Beer \$1.93
  • Coffee \$1.44
  • Cost of living \$1,425

The vibrant city of Belgrade is a true experience for history lovers and culture buffs.

It seamlessly blends legacies from ancient civilizations with postmodern architecture. And it's rapidly evolving with expats and solopreneurs in tech due to the low cost of living and better-than-decent internet.

Coworking spaces, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife abound in Belgrade.

Plus, the city experiences all four seasons so you can tour museums in the winter and check out Ada Ciganlija in the summertime. Often referred to as Belgrade's Sea, you'll find locals sunbathing, swimming, and partaking in water sports when they're not working.

Close to the Mediterranean and bordering eight different countries, living in Belgrade lends well to travelling outside the country. London is just three hours by flight and you'll be in Berlin (another city on this list) in half that time.

Tourist visa required for Serbia: Not required for stays under 90 days. One blank passport page is required for entry stamp.


#3. Porto, Portugal

An inexpensive coastal city where you can savor Mediterranean life through mild winters and warm summers.

Why visit Porto? Check out these averages[*]:

  • Internet speed 21 MBPS
  • Cost for an Airbnb $44/night or $1,342
  • Coworking space \$116
  • Dinner \$5.69
  • Beer \$2.84
  • Coffee \$0.74
  • Cost of living \$1,758

You wouldn't even know Porto is Portugal's second largest metro by the quaint, serene nature of this Mediterranean hideaway on the coast.

Porto locals are used to tourists so you'll find them warm and welcoming, and many speak English.

This city was established with walkers in mind so you won't need a car or have expensive taxi bills to hop around devouring Porto's delicious food, wine, and fresh seafood.

And since cafes with WiFi are so numerous, splurging on a coworking space is entirely optional (though they're not expensive).

Tourist visa required for Portugal: Not required for stays under 90 days. You'll also need two blank passport pages per stamp.


#4. Berlin, Germany

A trendy, affordable capital city with a rough past, the locals now take time to appreciate life.

Why visit Berlin? Check out these averages[*]:

  • Internet speed 27 MBPS
  • Cost for an Airbnb $62/night or $1,891
  • Coworking space \$182
  • Dinner \$10.80
  • Beer \$3.41
  • Coffee \$3.41
  • Cost of living \$2,850

Despite the higher cost of living than other cities on this list, Berlin's unique creative vibe is perfect for digital nomads looking for inspiration.

You'll find green spaces and parks juxtaposed with gritty graffiti and modern architecture in this forward-thinking hub of culture.

With almost as many coworking spaces as there are cafes, the buzz of the hustle vibrates everywhere you go.

If you're looking to make friends abroad, Berlin's nightlife scene is legendary. You'll meet locals and expats at parties, clubs, music shows, or beer festivals as there's always something fun going on.

Tourist visa required for Berlin: Not required for visits under 90 days. You'll also need two blank passport pages.


#5. Budapest, Hungary

Go for the internet, stay for the culture.


Why visit Budapest? Check out these averages[*]:

  • Internet speed 34 MBPS
  • Cost for an Airbnb $56/night or $1,708
  • Coworking space \$155
  • Dinner \$5.07
  • Beer \$1.40
  • Coffee \$1.24
  • Cost of living \$1,643

Often referred to as the "Paris of the East", the beautiful city of Budapest has a thriving classical music scene, a slew of nightlife options, and extremely reasonable healthcare costs.

But it's the low cost of lightning fast internet and the affordable living that's made Budapest one of the most popular cities for remote workers. It's also why coworking spaces have been multiplying to supply the demand.

Tourist visa required for Hungary: Not required for stays less than 90 days. You'll need one blank passport page per stamp.

#6. Bangkok, Thailand

There's a reason so many tourists visit this metropolis and never leave.


Why visit Bangkok? Check out these averages[*]:

  • Internet speed 25 MBPS
  • Cost for an Airbnb $44/night or $1,342
  • Coworking space \$142
  • Dinner \$2.44
  • Beer \$2.26
  • Coffee \$2.54
  • Cost of living \$1,366

With almost 10 million residents, Bangkok has everything a metropolis like New York or LA has without the sky high prices. From skyscrapers and food carts to temples and mega malls, there's something for everyone in Bangkok.

And the low cost of living means you can do and try it all.

Locals are used to travelers so they're generally friendly and likely to speak English. The easy transportation system and the large expat community make this giant city feel less overwhelming too.

Tourist visa required for Thailand: Not if your stay is less than 30 days. You'll also need one blank passport page per stamp.


#7. Prague, Czech Republic

Be the hero of your story in this fairytale city of culture, history, and growth.


Why visit Prague? Check out these averages[*]:

  • Internet speed 29 MBPS
  • Cost for an Airbnb $50/night or $1,525
  • Coworking space \$177
  • Dinner \$6.40
  • Beer \$1.77
  • Coffee \$2.65
  • Cost of living \$1,974

A favorite with digital nomads, Prague is clean, tourist-friendly, and relatively affordable for most budgets. This hotspot for expats has small town European charm with modern amenities like fast internet speeds and an efficient transportation system.

On cobblestone streets you'll find cafes to work in and museums and galleries to stir up your creativity. There are also outdoor activities like skiing in the mountains and hiking through forests.

Since many locals speak English, and most neighborhoods are never too far from the city center, it's the perfect beginner city for new digital nomads to explore.

Tourist visa required for Czech Republic: Not required for stays less than 90 days. You'll need two blank passport pages.


Make Money, See the World, Repeat

While spending time in any of these cities may help you slash your living expenses, they'll also broaden your perspective and help you connect with other remote workers around the world.

So if you're seeing the signs you're ready to be a digital nomad, check out the jobs posted on We Work Remotely as often as possible.

Your exciting adventure awaits!